Agendas and Minutes

Minutes of the Froxfield Parish Council Meeting 13th July 2016


Clerk to the Council: Graham Francis, 20 Berrow Court Gardens Walk UPTON-UPON-SEVERN WR8 0JP
Phone 01684 594931/07765 417734 e-mail



PRESENT: Cllrs. Colin Slater (Chairman), Pat Adams, Vanya Body, Claire Costello, Raine Cully and Graham Francis (Clerk)

1 Apologies for absence: David Wilson (Work), James Sheppard (holiday)

2 Welcome Raine Cully:
Raine Cully was welcomed by the Chairman and signed her Declaration of Acceptance of Office in the presence of the Clerk.

3 Minutes of meeting held on 11 May 2016

Minutes of the meeting held on 11 May were accepted as a correct record (apart from an incorrect date) and signed by the Chairman

4 Declarations of Interest:
To receive Declarations of Interest in accordance with the Parish Councils (Model Code of Conduct) Order 2001, revised 20
There were no Declarations of Interest and no requests for dispensation.

5 Matters outstanding from the last meeting:
Defibrillator: A discussion over the provision of a defibrillator suggested that it was a necessary item for the village but the problem was where to site it. Cllr Costello pointed out that the Memorial Hall was an Emergency building. Cllr Adams agreed to obtain a quotation from the Ambulance Service PA and Cllr Costello agreed to approach the CATG suggesting that the Parish might be able to contribute £400. CC
Way lease poles: Cllr Adams has written to the Way leave Registry and is awaiting a response.

6 Planning: There were none

7 Marlborough Area Board:
Cllr Costello had circulated the minutes of the previous meeting and would be attending again next week. A £5,000 Community Grant for the Music Festival has been applied for .

8 Notice Boards:
The Clerk gave Cllr Adams brochures for consideration. She agreed to report back at the next meeting with suggestions. PA

9 Parish Website:
The Clerk explained that under the Transparency Code it was now mandatory for all parishes to publish financial data, governance, agendas and minutes on a designated website. Cllr Body explained that the Froxfield website already carried some of this information but was not operated by the Council. Cllr Body offered to take responsibility for this but would explore various options after looking at other Parish websites in the area. VB

10 Footpaths & Bridleways:
Cllr Costello was keen to upgrade a footpath called ‘Long Walk’ into a bridleway. She explained ways that this could be achieved:
The landowner reaches an agreement with the Parish Council:
The Parish Council makes an order after public consultation if the landowner agrees:
The Parish Council pays the landowner compensation
Cllr Costello agreed to seek advice from Wiltshire Council CC

11 The Water Meadow:
Cllr Body was concerned about the state of the Water Meadows which are now strewn with broken tree branches, garden debris and undergrowth. It was also noted that some Manor Park residents were acquiring sections of the Meadows across the river. The Clerk was asked to contact Phil Barber for a quote to strim and tidy up the Meadow which has not been touched since 2007. A letter to the Riparian owners might be useful since some residences have changed hands. GF

12 Finance:
a) Present financial position: Parish Account £9946.67
b) Payments
  • BPP Churchyard 2 grass cuts £100.00 (paid)
  • BPP Green 2 cuts £80.00 (paid)
  • BPP hedge cut £60.00 (paid)
  • G Francis quarterly salary £534.31
  • HMRC PAYE £126.60
  • BPP Churchyard 3 grass cuts £150.00
  • BPP Village Green 3 grass cuts £120.00
  • BPP Churchyard 2 cuts from April £100.00
c) Receipts HMRC VAT recovery £303.15
The payments at (b) were approved by Cllr Adams, seconded by Cllr Slater and agreed nem con.

d) Bank reconciliation Cllr Adams checked the statements and signed them off

e) Clerk’s salary Cllr Slater proposed, seconded by Cllr Adams that the NALC recommended increase in the
Clerk’s salary be approved. This was agreed nem con.

13 Correspondence, matters of parochial interest and items for next agenda:
Cllr Adams reported that, thanks to Cllr Sheppard’s intervention, major work was undertaken by the Wiltshire team to dig out and relay a new pipe across The Green and to dig out a ditch on the Water Meadows, that there is no longer a water problem in the lane. The Council wishes to record their sincere thanks to Councillor James Sheppard for his perseverance in this matter.
Cllr Body asked about cleaning up the milepost on the A4 by the County boundary. Suggested that this could be a task for the new Parish Steward.
Cllr Body agreed to be the liaison representative with the new scheme for Parish Stewards listing priorities for their consideration. Councillors are requested to inform Cllr Body of anything that needs attention.

14 Dates of next meetings –
The next meetings of the Parish Council will be on Wednesday 14 SEPTEMBER and
Wednesday 9 November 2016 at 7.30 pm.

There being no further business the Chairman closed the meeting at 20.40