Agendas and Minutes

Minutes of the Annual Parish Council Meeting of 10 May 2016


Clerk to the Council: Graham Francis, 20 Berrow Court UPTON-UPON-SEVERN WR8 0JP
Phone 01684 594931 mobile 07765 417734 e-mail


PRESENT: Cllrs. Colin Slater (Chairman), Pat Adams, Vanya Body, Claire Costello, Tertius Hough, Graham Francis (Clerk) and 2 members of the public

Apologies for absence: David Wilson (work)

2 Minutes of the APM May 2015
The minutes of the annual Parish Meeting held on 20 May 2015 were approved as a correct record and signed by the Chairman

3 Chairman’s Report:
The Chairman began his report by thanking the Clerk, Graham Francis for his wisdom and wit over the past 16 years and for keeping the Council in order. He explained that as a non-executive Chairman it was so important for him to be supported by such a multi-talented team of Councillors. He reminded members of the public that the Councillors gave freely of their time and skills without payment and thanked them all for their commitment to the village.
He reported on the improvements made to the village lighting which now limits unnecessary lights during the early hours and has much improved the lighting on Littlecote Lane for the benefit of both inhabitants and visitors to Brendon Care and the College.
The Chairman explained that a Consultant had been employed to make suggestions for improved traffic flow and pedestrian safety. From his findings an excellent report has been produced by the self appointed Highways Committee showing the origins of the A4 layout and listing improvements that could be made to bring the two sides of the village together. He thanked Tertius Hough, Vanya Body and Claire Costello for all their work and dedication to this task.
Finally the Council had responded positively to a request from the Parochial Church Council for financial assistance in keeping the churchyard grass tidy.

4 Financial Report:
The Clerk distributed copies of the unaudited accounts for the past year and reported that the finances of the Council were in good order. A balance of £5,281.02 will be carried forward into next year. The Income received was from the Precept of £6,303.31 and VAT recovery of £132.69 making a total of £6,436.00. Payments were £5,554.83.
The Clerk explained that the Council was now in a very healthy financial position.

5 Reports from Organisations:

Social Committee:
Barry Adams reported that Wine tasting and a Street Party on The Green were amongst several activities organised by the Social Committee

6 Public Forum:
  • The immediate problem of excessive flooding in the lane leading to the Memorial Hall was debated by all. Councillor Adams explained that she had telephoned Highways with an emergency request explaining that the memorial Hall, which is the Emergency station, is just not accessible. She had e-mailed photographs of the problem to County Councillor Sheppard and to Claire Perry MP. The machine had been on site to pump the water away but the problem was just as bad one day later. Cllr Adams was asked to e-mail letters to Claire Perry and Cllr Sheppard again stating that this has been a five year problem and nobody seems to be taking responsibility for it. PA
  • A member of the public complained about the amount of debris, rubbish and livestock occupying a field opposite the Pelican Inn which was an eyesore. It was agreed that letter should be written to the trustees of the land. He also complained about the perennial problem of poor quality Broadband in the area. Cllr Body explained that we were, it seemed, on the end of a list of improvements to the Service.

There being no further business the Chairman closed the meeting at 20.08.