Agendas and Minutes

Minutes of the November 16th 2016 meeting

Clerk to the Council Graham Francis, 20 Berrow Court Gardens Walk UPTON-UPON-SEVERN WR8 0JP
Phone 01684 594931/07765 417734 e-mail


PRESENT: Cllrs. Colin Slater (Chairman), Pat Adams, Vanya Body, Claire Costello, Raine Cully,
James Sheppard, Graham Francis (Clerk) and 5 members of the public

1. Apologies for absence: David Wilson (Work),

2. Minutes of meeting held on 21 September 2016
Minutes of the meeting held on 21 September were accepted as a correct record and signed by the Chairman

3. Declarations of Interest: There were none
To receive Declarations of Interest in accordance with the Parish Councils (Model Code of Conduct) Order 2001, revised 20

4. Matters outstanding from the last meeting: There were none.

5. Planning:
16/08412/FUL: Replacement windows and door at 31 Bath Road – no objection

6. Defibrillator:
Debate on the proposed position of a defibrillator concluded that the most appropriate place was on the Memorial Hall wall. There was then a debate on whether to hire or purchase the equipment. No decision was reached. It was reported that BK Grain had donated £500 and £220 was raised at the Race Night. It was suggested that Andrew Jack be approached to see whether a Grant would be available from the Area Board. Cllr Sheppard reminded the Council that it was necessary for this equipment to be professionally installed for additional cost. Agreed to return to the subject at January meeting. GF

7. Marlborough Area Board: Cllr Costello had circulated the minutes of the previous meeting

8. Notice Boards:
Cllr Adams circulated various brochures and recommended that the Council purchase an oak free -standing board for The Green. There was general agreement and Cllr Adams was to obtain a firm quotation for the January meeting. PA

9. Emergency Plan:
The Emergency Plan was received and adopted with sincere thanks and congratulations to Councillor Costello for an excellent piece of work. The adoption was proposed by Cllr Slater, seconded by Cllr Body and agreed nem con. The Clerk reminded Council that this should be updated and amended annually.

10. Times of Meetings:
This request was submitted by Cllr Wilson who was finding it increasingly difficult to attend evening meetings travelling from London. The Council felt that the Saturday option was not practical as there were other commitments at weekends although a Saturday meeting would be held in exceptional circumstances.

11. Finance:
a) Present financial position: Parish Account £8051.15

b) Payments:

BPP Churchyard 2 grass cuts Aug £100.00
BPP Green 2 cuts Aug £80.00
G Francis quarterly salary £673.53
HMRC PAYE £126.80
Playsafety Inspection £79.80 (VAT £13.30)
BPP grass cutting + hedging £150.00
BPP Churchyard Sept cut £50.00
Memorial Hall Annual rent £108.00

c) Receipts NIL

The payments at (b) were approved by Cllr Adams, seconded by Cllr Slater and agreed nem con.

d) Bank reconciliation Cllr Adams checked the statements and signed them off

e) 2017/2018 PRECEPT

The Clerk circulated his budget forecast paper for discussion. The Hall rent was amended to read £108; a figure of £750 was put in for the Defibrillator; £1000 was added for Highway improvements and £300 was included for the survey of trees. The Chairman was of the opinion that the Precept should remain at £6000. The Clerk agreed to produce a revised budget paper for the January meeting when the Precept would be set. GF

12. Correspondence,

13. Matters of parochial interest and items for next agenda:

Cllr Body reported that Arriva were issuing Grants for Environmental issues which might be worth pursuing for the Water Meadows.
Cllr Body informed Council that Steve Hinds from Wiltshire Highways would visit the village the following Friday for a walk about and to discuss issues especially Manor Park.
Cllr Body reported on the website which now included the Emergency Plan and the Water Meadows.
The issue of the lights on the railway bridge was raised and it appeared that the Insurance claim was holding up progress. Cllr Sheppard would be meeting with Claire Perry MP and would raise the issue with her.
Overgrowing hedges at the top of Brewhouse Hill were mentioned. It was suggested that the field should be checked with the Land Registry for ownership.
Cllr Adams Hs received complaints from residents about vehicles parking on the bus stop and also the height of the hedge which was obscuring the bus driver’s view of passengers waiting.

14. Dates of next meetings
The next meetings of the Parish Council will be on Wednesday 11 January 2017 and Wednesday
8 March both at 7.30 pm.

15. Public Forum:
A member suggested that a Defibrillator needed particular security when fastened to a wall. John Smith raised the issue of a tree across the stream and wished to remove the branches.

There being no further business the Chairman closed the meeting at 20.45