Agendas and Minutes

Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting of September 13 2017

Clerk to the Council: Nigel Ford 10 Manor Park, Froxfield, SN8 3LF
Phone 01488 683064 e-mail


PRESENT: Cllrs. Pat Adams (Chair), Vanya Body (Vice Chair), Claire Costello, Raine Cully, Les Thomson, James Sheppard (Area Councillor) Nigel Ford (Clerk) and 18 members of the public

The meeting began with an informal open floor to members of Froxfield.

The Parish Meeting began at 7.30 pm and Lee Stripe from Wiltshire Cyber Crime Prevention Team gave a presentation regarding awareness of and protection from cyber crime.

1. Apologies for absence: None.

2. Minutes of meeting held on 12 July 2017

Minutes of the meeting held on 12 July were accepted as a correct record and signed by the Chairman. Noted however a cheque payment of £550 had not yet been raised for Church funds as mentioned in previous minutes. This payment is pending change of bank signatories.

3. Declarations of Interest: Cllr Adams declared an interest in a planning application from 23 Church Road.
To receive Declarations of Interest in accordance with the Parish Councils (Model Code of Conduct) Order 2001, revised 20

4. Matters outstanding from the last meeting:

Broadband Update – Cllrs. Body and Thomson
BT OpenReach Update – Fibre has been connected however a number of connections are not working and in some instances users have been disconnected from phone lines altogether. OpenReach are working to resolve the issue. Advice is to be persistent with BT for compensation.
Residents who are affected by broadband connection issues to advise Cllr Thomson of name, address and landline (not mobile) to assist BT with location and resolution.

5. Planning:
Planning approval from Wiltshire Council
Cllr. Thomson confirmed 5 new planning applications received in the last six weeks.
23 Church Road – Application for Studio. Nothing in the application to suggest it will be a dwelling and no particular grounds for objection in terms of requirements. Proposal to connect drainage to that of village hall requires more investigation to determine who owns the hall. Action: Cllr Thomson to follow up.
No objections noted on 4 other applications by Parish Council.

6. Marlborough Area Board (MAB):

Marlborough Recycling Centre will be closed from 2nd to 12th October 2017 for restructuring and alternative sites are available at Devizes and Everleigh. Wiltshire Council have an online survey available regarding recycling options and Parish Council encourage residents to respond with their views. Request for James Sheppard to investigate possibility of sharing recycling points across borders.
Marlborough Library have an introduction open to all for coding with the Raspberry Pi from 16th to 23rd September 2017.
Race to Remember on 21st September 2017 from 7am to 7pm. Starting point at Marlborough Leisure Centre. Event is to raise funds to help tackle dementia in Marlborough area. Please see Councillor Costello for further information.

Noted that MAB is open to the public and the Parish Council will try and advise of future dates.
28th September 2017 in Devizes – Fast Broadband discussion at Devizes Conservative Club 4-6pm which would be relevant for outlying areas who were not on the current rollout of broadband. If residents would also like to share their experiences they would be welcome to attend.

7. Community Fund
Project underway with Councillors to draw up and cost list of proposals which will be shared with the community for review.

8. New Items:

• Last village survey completed in 1989 which covered areas such as transport, work etc. Suggestion to carry out 30 year survey in 2019 which would allow Council time to plan and promote and help provide information around village priorities. Agreement to proceed with investigation proposed by PA and seconded by VB.

• Neighbourhood Plan to be worked on by Cllr Costello.

8. Finance:
a) Present financial position: Parish Account £23,563.52
b) Payments BPP Grounds (Jul Inv DG170051 retro) £ 40.00
BPP Grounds (Aug Inv DG170053 retro) £ 40.00
BPP Grounds (Aug Inv DG170090 retro) £ 80.00
B Howells Tree Surgery (Inv 276 retro) £175.00

c) Receipts None

The payments at (b) were approved by Cllr Adams, seconded by Cllr Body and agreed nem con.

d) Bank reconciliation Cllr Thomson signed off as at 13th September 2017.
Noted that signatories for the bank account are still to be reconciled.

9. Correspondence, matters of parochial interest and items for next agenda:

ROSPA – Report received of annual inspection for play equipment on the green.
Action: Clerk distributed to councilors for review.
Proposal by Cllr Adams to pay invoice and seconded by Cllr. Body.

Water Meadow Tree Inspection – Two quotes received from Wiltshire Council recommended supplier. Preference for more detailed report (option one) and recommended prioritized working plan as statutory requirement for Parish Council. Proposed by Cllr Cully and seconded by Cllr Adams.
Action: Additional investigation to be carried out regarding competitive quotations. If however suitable alternative quotations cannot be verified in sufficient timeframe work will proceed with current quotation.

Bus Shelter Hedge
Noted this hedge is an asset to the village and following a recent cut is looking very well maintained by N Richardson. Discussion around liability and owning of maintenance.
Action: Clerk to clarify public liability status around volunteers assisting with village maintenance.


10. Date of next meeting –
The next meeting of the Parish Council will be on Wednesday 8 November 2107 at 7.30 pm.

11. Public Forum
Question regarding Council’s policy for competitive quotations. Cllr. Thomson confirmed standard process is to request minimum of 3 quotations. Water meadow tree inspection is a specialized area hence decision to use Wiltshire Council’s recommended supplier.

There being no further business the Chairman closed the meeting at 8.40pm.

Note: All initials in Bold Type require Action

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