Agendas and Minutes

Minutes of the Annual Parish Meeting 9/5/18

Clerk to the Council: Nigel Ford 10 Manor Park, Froxfield, SN8 3LF
Phone 01488 683064 e-mail


PRESENT: Cllrs. Pat Adams (Chair), Vanya Body (Vice Chair), Steve Heppenstall, Alex Montague-Smith, Toby Till, Nigel Ford (Clerk) & 4 members of the public.

The Parish Meeting began at 7.30pm.

Apologies for absence: Cllr. Wilson

2 Minutes of the APM May 2016
The minutes of the annual Parish Meeting held on 10 May 2017 were approved as a correct record and signed by the Chairman

3 Chairman’s Report:
We have had three councillors leave the committee this year and I would like to thank both Claire Costello, Raine Cully and Les Thomson for all the hard work they have put in on behalf of the village and the Parish council.
I would also like to thank Clare Wilson, Toby Till, Steve Heppenstall and Alex Montague-Smith for joining the committee. I am sure that the wealth of their knowledge and experience will be a great asset to the village.
We have tried over the past year to make our meetings perhaps a bit less formal but at the same time comply with the many rules of procedure and to open up topics for general discussion. We have set up an email communication system so that we can more easily keep residents informed of matters of interest and to remind them when our meetings are being held.
We have also been available half an hour before the meetings to hold a surgery when anyone from the village can come along to discuss matters of concerns in a more private situation.
We also have some major projects under discussion, the very impressive road traffic calming initiative and the redesigning of the water meadow to make it a place that we can all enjoy. It may seem that progress of these schemes has been very slow but I can assure you that is very much to do with the red tape and procedures in place by Wiltshire planning and the highways departments and that councillors have been pushing these projects forward as much as we can.
The Froxfield Community Fund remains mostly unused. We did receive some suggestions from the community as to how best it could be used but many would have involved much larger funding, such as the installation of SIDS (Speed Indicator Digital Signs). So far, we have purchased a new Notice Board which will be installed on the village green shortly and propose to purchase two more picnic benches for the village green. We are still open to suggestions so please keep them coming.

Finally, I would like to thank all my fellow councillors for the support they have given me over the past year and also a big thank you to Nigel Ford for taking on the Parish Clerk Role.
I hope together we can continue to ensure that Froxfield village is a great place to live

4 Financial Report:
The Clerk distributed copies of the unaudited accounts for the past year and reported that the finances of the Council were in good order. A balance of £19,003.39 will be carried forward into next year. Income received was from the Precept of £6,000, VAT recovery of £72.97 making a total of £6,072.97. There was also a one off contribution of £15,000 from Steadfast Rudge which will be used for community projects within the parish. Payments for the year were £7,300.12.

5 Reports from Organisations:
Social Committee:
Barry Adams reported that the Music Beer Festival was scheduled for 9th June with Wine Tasting expected in November and a Race Night and Barn Dance also potential events.

6 Public Forum: Nothing to Report.

There being no further business the Chairman closed the meeting at 7.40pm.

Signed……………………………..... Chairman Date………………………