Agendas and Minutes

Minutes of the Froxfield Parish Council Meeting on July 18th,

Clerk to the Council: Sarah Owens, The Old Bakehouse,47 Froxfield, SN8 3LD
Phone 01488 683083 e-mail


PRESENT: Vanya Body (Vice Chair), Cllr Steve Heppenstall, Cllr Toby Till, Sarah Owens (Clerk)

The Parish Meeting began at 7.45pm.

Apologies for absence: Cllr Pat Adams, Cllr Claire Wilson and Cllr Alex Montague-Smith

Declarations of Interest: None

3. Approval and signing of minutes from previous two meetings: Approved and signed by Cllr Body

4. Matters outstanding - Opening of new account for community fund money: Clerk Sarah Owens said that in order to get a new account opened, Nat West require her to be added to the Parish Council account. Therefore approval was sought from the Councillors before this could proceed.
Agreed and approved by Cllr Body and seconded by Cllrs Heppenstall and Till

5. Planning: Cllr Heppenstall discussed a planning application from 13 Church Road for a small single storey side extension. There was some discussion as to whether this would fit in with the Village Plan as it is stated in there that certain houses within the Froxfield Conservation Area are in need of careful control.
It was agreed by all that WCC would already be aware of this when making their decision and no comment or complaint would be submitted by Froxfield PC.

6. Update on Cat G meeting: Cllr Body gave an update to say that she has received confusing and conflicting information such as whether we have to buy the white gates through the council or can get them cheaper privately. Cllrs expressed concern that if we don’t push for the whole package of works, WCC will do the bare minimum and we will then be relegated to the back of the queue.
Cllr Body said she will speak to James Shepherd and Steve Hinds to ask for clarity and find out what the next step is. VB

7. Finance:
a) Present financial position: Parish Account @ 18 July 2018 £23,772.73

b) Payments: None

c) Receipts: None

d) Bank reconciliation: Cllr Body signed off balance as at 18 July 2018.

8. Unwanted notes on John Savage memorial bench: It has been reported by a villager that notes
about John’s cows being euthanised have been attached to his memorial bench by drawing pins causing some minor damage.
Cllr Body said she would make it clear in the next Parish Newsletter that this would be classed as criminal damage and reported if it were to happen again. VB

9. Website update: Cllr Till stated that his wife had given an estimate of around £1000 for the design and programming of a new website and there would be additional costs for on-going maintenance. It was agreed that this was probably beyond the budget of the Parish Council and the Clerk would seek to obtain other quotes. SO

10. Network rail line clearing works: Cllr Body said she had received an email from a resident concerned that Network Rail is proposing to cut down a large amount of trees during their line clearance works and asking whether some of this tree felling was necessary.
Cllr Body said she had emailed Network Rail asking for more clarity on the works and awaited their response. VB

11. Recycling: Cllr Heppenstall asked if anything further could be done to promote WCC’s new recycling initiative.
The Clerk stated she had already sent an email to all residents on the PC email list and put a poster in the notice board displaying the new items that could be recycled.

12. The next meeting of the Parish Council will be on Wednesday 19th September 2018 at 7.30 pm.

13. Public Forum: Sally Smith expressed her willingness to stand as Councillor again if a vacancy still existed. Mrs Smith also expressed concern at cars parking on the village green, trees overhanging the road on the north side of the green, John Savage’s house falling into further disrepair as it had gone back on the market and the proposal by 13 Church Road to erect a small side extension.

Residents in Manor Park also expressed concern that the newly re-laid road surface has been poorly done and is now starting to break down in the heat and no road markings had been painted.
VB said she will contact WCC. VB

There being no further business the Vice Chairman closed the meeting at 8.30pm.

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