Agendas and Minutes

DRAFT minutes of the meeting September 24th

Clerk to the Council: Sarah Owens, The Old Bakehouse,47 Froxfield, SN8 3LD
Phone 01488 683083 e-mail


PRESENT: Pat Adams (Chair) Vanya Body (Vice Chair), Cllr Steve Heppenstall, Cllr Claire Wilson, Cllr Alex Montague-Smith, Sarah Owens (Clerk)

The Parish Meeting began at 7.30pm with an update from Claire Costello on the Ramsbury Airfield Memorial Project

Apologies for absence: Cllr Toby Till

Declarations of Interest: None

3. Approval and signing of minutes from previous meeting on 18th July: Approved and signed by Cllr Adams

4. Matters outstanding : Sally Smith to be elected as a new Councillor – unanimously agreed.

Opening of new account for community fund money. Sarah Owens confirmed that the new account is now open and the balance of the community fund has now been transferred into it.

Website update: Sarah Owens gave details of a few quotes she had obtained, most of which were fairly expensive. One company, Netwise, offers packages tailored specifically for Parish Councils at more affordable prices. It was agreed by all to make further enquiries with Netwise - SO

5. Planning: Cllr Heppenstall discussed planning matters and confirmed that 13 Church Road had been granted permission with conditions for their side extension and Hillbank had withdrawn their application. The application from Rudge Farm Manor for a new barn was discussed and it was agreed FPC would not be submitting any comment or objection.


6. Finance:
a) Present financial position: Parish Account @ 24 Sept 2018 £9870.20
Community Account @ 24 Sept 2018 £13234.00

b) Payments: WALC annual subscription (retro) £148.73
Annual inspection of play equipment(retro) £79.80
Grass & hedge cutting 14/3/18 – 6/6/18 (retro) £220.00
Grass & hedge cutting 1/8/18 – 5/9/18 (retro) £220.00

c) Receipts: None

d) Bank reconciliation: Cllr Adams signed off balance as at 24 Sept 2018

7. Update on Cat G meeting: Cllr Heppenstall gave an update to say that Froxfield traffic issues are still being looked at by Steve Hind and he has confirmed the next stage would be to have topographic surveys done for each of the 3 sites at a cost of approximately £3000 and FPC would be expected to pay 25% of this. Proposed by SH and seconded by VB that FPC would pay the £750.

Cllr Heppenstall also updated the meeting that he had chased up about the white lines that are still to be painted in Manor Park and confirmed the contractor would be visiting shortly to rectify the situation.

8. Water Meadow: Cllr Body stated there had been no progress over the summer as ARK were obliged to carry out ecological surveys first. The reptile survey had been done with none found. A bat report is now needed. Cllr Adams proposed that as an interim measure, FPC purchase x2 brushcutters which would be used to cut back the thick vegetation which has become such an eyesore and would also be used for future village projects such as the churchyard and verge clearance. Cllr Heppenstall agreed these would be a great asset. It was suggested that the Community Payback team may be able to assist with clearing the nettles. SO to make further enquiries and obtain prices for brushcutters.

It was also discussed that work could be started on the overgrown trees as the tree report that was commission a year ago indicated several trees in need of work. As the Bawden Landscape quote was well in excess of £5000, it was agreed to obtain some alternative quotes. SO to obtain prices.

9. Village Hall – Cllr Adams proposed that FPC make a one-off contribution of £200 from the Community Fund account for the new hall sign and a payment towards their ground maintenance of £300 from the FPC account. Cllr Wilson seconded.
Churchyard maintenance – It was agreed that the second instalment of £600 for the churchyard ground maintenance was due and would be paid from the FPC account.
Ramsbury Memorial – Cllr Adams proposed that FPC takes responsibility for the future maintenance of the (yet to be installed) new memorial and noticeboard in Burnt Wood. Cllr Montague-Smith seconded. They are to be added to the list of village assets once Claire Costello informs the Parish Council of their value.
Emergency plan and salt bins – Cllr Body said that the emergency plan needs to be updated and an audit of the salt bins undertaken in preparation for the winter weather.

10. The next meeting of the Parish Council will be on Monday 12th November 2018 at 7.30 pm.

11. Public Forum: No questions submitted

There being no further business the Chairman closed the meeting at 8.55pm.

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