MAJOR PROJECT – The A4 and reducing its impact on village life

Reconnecting Froxfield – Resolving problems of a village divided by a road

The Parish Council has been looking at ways to reduce the negative impact of the A4 on village life, especially the dangers of speeding traffic and the safety of pedestrians and cyclists. We invited internationally-respected road design consultant Ben Hamilton-Baillie of Hamilton-Baillie Associates ( to the village and, using his recommendations, we produced a report: Reconnecting Froxfield – ]Resolving problems of a village divided by a road

This was presented to the Marlborough Community Area Transport Group during the year and is now on its list to be considered. We are awaiting a visit by the Wiltshire Council's
Principal Engineer, Traffic and Network Management Stephen Hind to discuss how we can progress with these ideas.

It has to be recognised that there is little if any funding for major road re-engineering currently. We have achieved some small improvements such as the new kerb at the edge of Littlecote Road. Improvements may be piecemeal. However, we have been encouraged to imagine the ideal situation for Froxfield and to come up with a complete picture of how the village could be transformed by better design to encourage 'joined-up thinking' around the issues.

The Froxfield Parish Council would like to hear more from the residents on its views on any plans for traffic calming and road re-design. Please contact any councillors for further information.