ARK's Continued support for FROXFIELD RIVER PROJECT

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Pictured at the water meadow meeting are (L-R) Froxfield Parish Council Chair Pat Adams, Councillor Vanya Body, wetlands expert Rob McInnes, Anna Forbes, from Ark and Froxfield resident and Ark advisor of farming and water catchment protection, Tim Clarke.
A team from the Action for River Kennet, including a world-renowned wetlands expert, visited Froxfield in October month to examine the potential for improving the water meadow environment around Froxfield's own important chalk stream -- classed as a tributary to the River Dun with which it merges further east of the village.

The landscape around the centre of the village has become degraded and overgrown over the years since it was donated to the community and the Parish Council is now keen to work with ARK and the local community to restore the land and to create a more actively-managed conservation environment.

ARK Director Charlotte Hitchmough and Project Officer & Volunteer Co-ordinator Anna Forbes came to the village with wetland expert Rob McInnes, to discuss the options. Rob has already worked closely with ARK on projects including the hugely successful Stonebridge water meadow restoration, in Marlborough.

"What we hope for is that Froxfield can create its own mini Stonebridge, using Rob’s expertise and ARK’s experience at galvanising local support and securing funding for work," says Councillor Vanya Body, who organised the meeting.
“We held a public meeting last year and many villages came together to discuss the community’s aspirations for the meadow space. It revealed that there is a lot of support for some action to create a better environment here. We now want to put together a plan of action, based on Rob’s expert suggestions, which we hope fund with ARK’s help, and then kick off some practical restoration working involving local people, in the spring.”

For more information, contact Froxfield Parish Councillor Vanya Body.