Exciting plans for the water meadow to be discussed at MARCH 2018 PC meeting.

In November, Action for River Kennet commissioned world-renowned water meadows expert Rob McInnes to visit the village and he has now come up with some exciting new plans to create an enhanced water feature in the village. Those who are familiar with Stonebridge Meadow in Marlborough will be aware how ARK’s expertise and support has helped local people to create brilliant new habitats for both wildlife and people! Although Froxfield’s project is on a smaller scale, Charlotte Hitchmough, director of ARK is excited about the habit potential of our water meadow space.

Currently, there is a drain to road edge of the meadow which could be repositioned and enlarged to create a pond / wet zone. The road boundary could be protected by a wildlife-friendly productive hedge and the river bank of the valuable chalk stream repaired with some naturalistic and subtle work to improve the water flow in areas where silt has built up in recent years.

Froxfield stream is a tributary of the River Kennet. It feeds into the River Dun at the Oakhill junction, where it is channelled under the canal. The quality of the water from our stream will ultimately affect the water quality of the larger Kennet. We should be proud to have one of the world’s few chalk streams within our village and the Parish Council wants to work with the community to improve and enhance our enjoyment of this special area. Initially, however, we will need to take into account that many of the trees on the meadow that have been neglected over recent years and need remedial surgery to make them safe.

ARK’s Charlotte Hitchmough will be at the next Froxfield Parish Council Meeting on Wednesday March 14th, at 7.30pm in the Memorial Hall to talk about the plans. If you would like to get involved in any future working parties, come along!

Click Here to see the plans by Rob McInnes - two designs shown include 'current' and 'proposed'

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