New walking routes around Froxfield


New walking routes around Froxfield

Ramsbury Estate has generously allowed a series of permissive paths to enable walkers from Froxfield to traverse around the edge of Cake Wood and link up with the existing public right of way to Chilton Foliat. This makes it possible to undertake a fantastic three-village walk. From Froxfield it is now possible to walk to Ramsbury or Chilton Foliat and between the two -- mostly via off-road trails and public rights of way.

There is an additional small permissive path which enables walkers to return to Froxfield by the edge of the field rather than walking along the A4.

[NB Take Care! it is still necessary to walk along the road edge from Cake Wood Farm to the edge of the village].

New pathways negotiated by the Froxfield Parish Council