[b]Latest information about the Broadband rollout in Froxfield, including postcodes[b]
WHILE we may have waited longer than most to get better broadband, the programme is now ready to roll and, by June, Froxfield should be benefitting from the ‘gold standard’ of broadband provision.

The Memorial Hall was packed with villagers at the Froxfield Parish Council meeting on March 8th.  Everyone had come to hear the latest on the roll-out of high speed broadband to Froxfield, direct from guest speaker Richard Leeding, who is BT’s manager for the roll out programme in Wiltshire and South Gloucestershire.
The rollout will see the community of Froxfield having a Fibre to the Premises (FTTP) solution delivered within the village.  This will mean that all of the homes will have the option to take up an Ultra-Fast broadband service if they choose to do so and FTTP has the ability to deliver up to a 330Mb download capability.  People can also opt to remain on their existing service is they so choose.
The bulk of the roll out work in Froxfield should be completed by June, but this can be subject to change if any unknown engineering difficulties occur such as unforeseen road closure requirements etc.  However, there may be some areas of the village which are ready earlier than this and some who are ‘mopped up’ at the tail end of the build programme.
As Richard told the meeting: “This will be a massive change to what you have at the moment.”
The infrastructure  will include running fibre optic cable from the exchange to a number of distribution points in the village. These distribution points could be on an existing pole, located in an existing footway box or have to be installed on a new pole or in a new footway box.
“We plan to use as much of the existing infrastructure as possible that is already here,” said Richard.  
This includes existing underground ducting and footway boxes.  However there may be the need for some road closures and the engineers may need to install new infrastructure such as footway boxes or poles in order to deploy the fibre effectively,  he said.  
Buying into the new speeds
Everyone at the meeting was reminded that, whilst the FTTP brings broadband to within easy reach of their homes,  in order to access the broadband speeds we must get in touch with their individual ISP’s (Internet Service Providers), to ‘buy into’ the service.  And, the ISP, must itself agree to ‘provide’ the service… if it doesn’t, individuals may need to change provider! 

At the this point in time, not every ISP offers the ‘super fast’ FTTP as a product, but as it becomes a more common technology more ISP’s will start to offer it. Only when you have bought a package, will your provider organise the final connection to the house. This final connection will involve installing a cable run (could be overhead fed or underground fed) from the new distribution point to the premises. 

The Openreach deployment will place these distribution points as close to premises as they can in order to make the retail order as simple as possible to fulfil. The ISP’s normally have a connection charge (tends to be banded depending upon meterage) for this final stage and so people should check out the differences between the ISP’s.

There will also be a new fixing component (an ONT) required inside the house (supplied by the ISP), which will require a power source (i.e. be close to a near-by plug) as well as a new router (again provided by the ISP).
The roll-out programme has been funded by Wiltshire On-line in conjunction with BT and BDUK.  
The long term goal of the Government is to have the whole of the UK connected to superfast broadband and there are a variety of programmes that will help deliver this.  The Wiltshire Online programme supports this goal but not all premises will be covered within the current programmes and funding levels.
For those who are not interested in buying high speed broadband, the existing copper wire will continue to run in parallel with the new fibre-optic service. 
Which postcodes are included


For more information, or if you think you should be included and your postcode is not listed, contact Froxfield Parish Councillor Vanya Body on 01488 68 68 34 or

To find out exactly when your premises are connected, check your postcode via Wiltshire Online.